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Ruas Records Store is independent record store located in Penang, northern Malaysia. Run by 4 friend, where all have a day job. So our operating hour a bit odd than other records store, and you can text or message us thru messenger. We sometime can tolerate to open store not in our operating time by appointment that you make. We also organizing show and joining event that held around us or other place, so we are not open on that time. feel free to contact us

Our record store still not having signboard until now, sigh. We operate at they called house or shophouse sometime. Just follow the location as shown in your Google Maps.                          

 Ruas Record Store
3, Lebuh Peking, 10300 George Town, Penang
"Be more political, not a politician."

3, Lebuh Peking,

10300 George Town 

Our hours

8:00 PM – 11.00 PM
Monday – Friday (except Wed)

1:00 PM – 23:00
Saturday – Sunday

Contact us

Phone: +60164443094

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